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Xealous Nets is a set of programs that let you perform network calculations. They are useful and handy for the typical network administrator as they allow classful calculations and classless (CIDR) calculations, combining the functionality given by several online similar calculators in one single and portable package with a simple and effective command line interface.

Classful subnetting and supernetting is done with the xealous_classful program, which gives you information about class type, network and host bits, network and wildcard masks, etc. It also outputs the subnets or nets being combined in supernetting. As the number of subnets can be pretty high (for example, when you input a class A network and use 30 bits for the mask), it also lets you specify how many nets or subnets to display, if any at all. Usage examples are presented when you run the program without arguments. Here's a sample screenshot:

Sample xealous_classful output

Classless calculations are done with the xealous_cidr program, which is inspired in the famous IPcalc program. As with the previous program, usage instructions are displayed when running the program without arguments. Here's a screenshot of it in action:

Sample xealous_cidr output


Current available revision is number 0.9. It's considered Beta for some time just in case someone finds a wrong behaviour. It will reach the stable status if no bugs are reported. Its version will then be incremented to 1.0.

Its source code, licensed under the BSD-like MIT/X license so you have mostly total freedom to do what you desire with it, is available at the SourceForge.net project download page. It's quite small and it's written in ANSI C89. The code is provided with UNIX end of lines and includes a typical Makefile. However, it should be easily compiled without modifications in any platform featuring a standard C compiler. If it does not, please submit a bug report.

Binary packages for Win32 are also provided for convenience.

Contact information

Any comments you want to make or bugs you want to report may be sent directly to me. Go to my SourceForge.net user page for more information. Thanks for you interest in Xealous Nets and I hope you find it useful.